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Sunday, February 14, 2016

"THE" Euro At A U-wee?

Threatened, exiled, scorned, yet fully liberated and floated by the market, THE Euro stands as a testimony to the current unity of the European region. Its major impact on the economy affects all - consumers and speculators alike. According to the historical data publicly available, its longest 1000-pip linear scale run from end-to-end (top to bottom or vice-versa) is 19 quarters (around May 2000 to November of 04). The most recent top was formed on March 2011, which means we are on the 21st quarter from it. Have we seen the bottom?? That's the million-dollar question and the answer is WE DON'T KNOW. However, with time statistics way past the record, we can definitely assume it is now relatively "SAFE" to "GO LONG" and target its untested resistance of 1.3. THE RISK is that looking at the historical end-to-end run, we can see that the pair ran 4000 pips before defining a major turning point. The latest 1000-pip scalar top is 1.4. We are now at 1.1 so it only fell 3000 pips from the top. In short, it is a matter of time vs. the number of thousand-pips that is in question if you venture into the BUY-SIDE of the pair. SEE CHART HERE.

Friday, February 12, 2016

"P" Is For...

$P is for #Pandora. Yes, I've seen the chart and all I can say is OH ME OH MY. The re-test executions are P for perfect and nothing can be said here except that a low probability of retest to 12 on a 2-point scale. The big price gap on 10/22 and 23 of last year 2015 may be a good play, though. Still, in my book, it's 50-50. If you're going to do this, the maximum target is 19 (chuckles) BUT I really suggest you DON'T. It would be a different case if it broke-even on the income statement, but it didn't. Instead, it reminds me of the red ballpens we used in college to depict losses in the accounting journals. Anyway, the semi-good news is... if this goes to 7 in the next few days (maybe even a couple of weeks), I suggest you buy it and target 8 (set linear scale to a buck)... YES, IT'S THAT CRAZY. Ok, fundamentals on financials... aside from losses averaging at 16M per month, the company has a hidden potential in its balance sheet. Look closely and you'll see that its assets are its greatest, well, assets. LOL. If they can manage this properly, maybe even use it as a leveraging tool, they MIGHT be able to pull off a successful u-wee. Best of luck to $P ! SEE CHART HERE.

Monday, February 8, 2016

$TWTR ToTweet Higher? (is it 140 characters yet?)

Hard to believe but that's what the message of the numbers is telling us, as far as possible retracement on its linear levels is concerned - oops, was that more than 140 characters? Anyway, the 4th 2-point scale linear level is at 24 - and as far as history is concerned, 4th scalar levels have a high probability of retest. I really don't feel like buying this company because their income statement say my 5-year old probably made more money last Christmas than them. Instead of "buy and hold", I suggest you "buy and cross your fingers (toes included)." SEE CHART HERE.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Monday, January 18, 2016

Element 78 To Explode On The Upside?

'Tis true! The possibility of the commodities rout on its last days might ignite Platinum on a retest to its 2nd untested 200-point scalar level of 1400 - a 70% ka-ching long-term outlook. SEE CHART HERE. (Scalar Analysis)